Sunday, September 4, 2016

Genuine Friendship

Last week the theme was friendship.  After brunch we listened to author and fellow mom, Jen Hatmaker, discuss how "genuine friendship" is essential, especially in this stage of our lives.  

      "THE singular way, that I, not only just survived, but ended up loving my early childhood years with my kids, were my friends."

Let's be honest.  It can be so difficult for us moms to make friends. This is the primary reason why MOPS exists- to bring moms together and provide an atmosphere for friendships to flourish. Hatmaker spoke of her friendship experiences and challenged us with her own "Do's and Don'ts" of friendship.  

*DO make genuine friendships a priority.
*DO the work it takes to have sustaining friendships.

*DON'T be afraid to be your REAL self.
*DON'T waste your time with fake friends.

Missed the meeting?  No worries friend.  
You can catch the video "Becoming...Friends" here.

We also had our very first table discussion where we shared our own thoughts on friendship.  I'd say it was a huge success and what we hope to be the beginning of many new genuine friendships.

And last but certainly, not least...we made our first craft! 

And let me just say, we have many artistic friends in this group! Check out these beautiful creations!


We hope you found the perfect spot for them in your home.  Feel free to share a picture in the comments below.   

See you soon & Starry-Eyed!

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