Friday, August 26, 2016

Welcome to 

We are so happy to welcome YOU to MOPS this year! 

       Our first meeting was a great success!  We enjoyed yummy food, adult conversation and some good old-fashioned fun playing games to help us get to know each other.  Meanwhile, our kids got loved on and played with new friends of their own.  I'd say MOPS is the ultimate "win-win!"  Our MOPS coordinator, Lindsey, shared what MOPS is all about as well as this year's theme, "Starry-Eyed."  We also began collecting school supplies for our first service project of the year and you all SHOWED OUT!  We received a basket-full of donations, literally.  Way to go Moms!  These supplies will go to needy classrooms all around our community.  Forgot to bring something?  No worries!  We will continue to collect items at the next meeting.

      We hope you'll join us August 31st for even more fun and fellowship as we explore the topic of Friendship.  Feel free to invite a friend along, or come and make some new ones. 

         See you soon & Starry-Eyed!


Our beautiful MOPS leaders; Natalie, Elise & Melissa (left) greeted our Moms and the lovely and oh-so-helpful, Kelli (right) passed out welcome gifts.

We hope you enjoy your homemade "Starry-Eyed" gifts.

Thank you for your donations!!



Action Shot! 
Can you tell who are competitive
and non-competitive moms are?
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Missed the meeting?  Or want to know what MOPS is all about?
Be sure to check out the FAQ page and watch this video about this year's theme, Starry-Eyed.


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