Monday, August 6, 2012

New to MOPS?

If you're new to Warner Robins MOPS, welcome! We are looking forward to meeting you this Wednesday morning. If you've never been to MOPS before, here's what to do when you come to a meeting:

  1. Park in the side lot or the back lot at Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins. Our childcare is in the main building, but we meet in the back building, so it's nice to be parked in between the two places.
  2. Take your children to childcare. If you are entering the main building from the back (across from the back building where we meet), you will go down the hallway to the left, then make a right and you'll arrive at the first set of childcare rooms. Babies and toddlers are in this area. If you have older children, continue down the hall and they will be at the next set of kids' rooms on the left. You will get stickers for your child and a beeper if needed. (If your child is six months or younger, they may stay with you in the meeting; but we ask that all children above 6 months be kept in childcare. If you need to breastfeed or give medication during the meeting, you may leave the meeting to do so.)
  3. Check in by 9:30AM and pay dues. If you have already paid dues, great! Continue to Step 4. If you haven't and you plan to stay with us for more than a meeting or two, you'll be asked to pay MOPS International dues, our WR MOPS dues and for childcare. You can pay ahead for the semester or for the year, or you can pay by the meeting. If you do not check in by 9:30AM and you have not reserved a spot for your children via Evite, we reserve the right to turn you away from the meeting. We truly appreciate your planning and promptness (and this year it will be rewarded!)
  4. Find your table and enjoy the meeting! Help yourself to some breakfast, meet some new ladies, check out the slides for announcements and prepare for the meeting.
  5. Pick up your children promptly by 11:30AM. This is a great help to our childcare workers. If you have to catch up with someone after the meeting, please do so after you have picked up your children.
**If you are helping to provide breakfast, please drop off your dish before you take your children to childcare. We would like all breakfast dishes to arrive by 9:15AM.**

If you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you ASAP.
See you Wednesday!

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