Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Momma Said Knock You Out- HOOAH!"

OK, so we didn't learn how to knock someone out.  However, we did learn to "GET AWAY!" by using some really cool techniques if ever in a dangerous situation.  Our special guest, Doug Rankin with Warner Robins Martial Arts, did a wonderful job teaching us the basics of self defense.

Lesson #1: Use both your hands.  Most attackers will grab one wrist or the other and try to pull you.  If this happens it's important to use the free hand to grab your other one and aggressively pull up or down while yelling, "GET AWAY!"


Lesson #2: If someone grabs both wrists, lock your fingers together and pull your arms up over your head - fast!

Lesson #3: Don't be afraid to jab them in the nose!

Lesson #4: If you ask Doug a question, you're probably going to be the next guinea pig.

Lesson #5: Use the side of your hand to chop the attacker's neck.


We also learned a few pressure points on the body that can be pressed to harm your attacker and give you a chance to escape.

We had a great time learning some new tricks!  The most important thing in self defense is to be self-confident, be aware of your surroundings and GET AWAY!  We left this meeting feeling empowered and wanting more knowledge!  Mom's Night Out Martial Arts?!  It's a possibility.  

Be safe out there!  See you soon, Starry Eyed!

*You can find more information about Warner Robins Martial Arts here on their website.

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