Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Samaritan and A Selfie

Just for fun: Selfie Song (Feel free to play while scrolling.)

Man, did we have fun this meeting!  We got a little wild and crazy during our Selfie Scavenger Hunt!  I'll just leave these here...


After wards we talked about the "good Samaritan" story and what it means to be one today.  Inspired by his kindness we began our final service project of the year, Comfort Bags.  These bags will be given to parents when their child is admitted to the local children's hospital, Navicent Children's Hospital in Macon, GA.  Often times families go to the hospital for immediate care and do not expect to stay overnight.  We were told that although the hospital receives several donations for the children, the parents have no consistent donations given to them and we decided to change that!

The comfort bags will be filled with the basic necessities; toiletries, journal for notes about treatment, puzzle books, magazines, and other goodies.  All items were donated by our incredibly generous Moms!  Through this project we hope to provide the parents with a little bit of comfort in a very uncomfortable situation.  Warner Robins MOPS hopes to make this an ongoing service project to serve the parents and families in our community.

**If you or your business would like to make a donation to our cause please contact Warner Robins MOPS Coordinator, Amanda Storie at
We would greatly appreciate your support!

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