Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Power of Words

Hello again my fellow wonderful women! I so hope that you were able to join us at our meeting last week where we talked about he power of words.
But if not, here is the recap:
We got out tongues tied and put our listening ears on for a fun group rendition of MAD GAB. We divided the room down the middle and we listened carefully as our begrudging victims.... ahem, excuse me... I mean eager participants spouted out garbled groups of words in every meter and tone possible to try to get their group to guess what the phrase was really suppose to be saying. Funny how much being the mother of toddlers can prepare you for a game like this, since garbled sentences are the norm for most of us. It was a tight race with the right side of the room winning 19 to 15.
We then watched a very powerful video about the power of words and the effect our words can have on the people around us. Followed by a craft to encourage our own personal word consumption - bookmarks!
We also launched our own kind words campaign with the hearts that were sprinkled around our tables to be taken out into Warner Robins with the #WRsharethelove tag. Some of these hearts have been given to moms in grocery stores or left for waitresses in restaurants. Some have been passed to friends or given to someone along with a good deed. Anyway they are given, they are creating smiles. Sometimes just hearing something positive for a stranger can totally make your day.
Our next meeting is on October 14th, and we will be paining a very cute pumpkin scene with Lindsey Hopkins! Watch out for that RSVP it will be going out next Wednesday.
Make sure to put the Fall Festival on your calendar for the 28th. This is our fundraiser for this semester and we are so excited. We will be having a photo booth, a raffle, a costume contest, trick or treating, crafts for the kids, drinks/snacks, and games.
Oh and did I mention that the MAYOR, Randy Toms will be judging our costume contest?! It's true! It is so amazing to see the support MOPS has from our city officials.
Well, that's it for now ladies! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


  1. You all are doing such a great job with MOPS and this blog! I'm a former steering team member and this makes me smile!

  2. So sad to miss such a fun meeting!!! You guys are doing a great job this year!


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