Friday, August 28, 2015

Let's Get Creative, Shall We?

I don't know about you, but between all of the rolls I juggle as a woman—wife, mama, cook, house cleaner, butt-wiper, organizer, chauffeur, and the list could go on, and on, and on—I don't find much time for myself. The problem with that is that in order to flourish as a woman, it's essential to make time for my happiness.

Creativity plays a huge roll in this, so during our second meeting we rolled with the creative theme and busted open boxes of colored pencils and started coloring. In case you didn't know, "adult coloring" is totally trendy now, so while you're toddler is scribbling outside the lines, you can relax and keep things nice and orderly on your paper.

Did you miss the meeting and want to color your own page? 
Here are the pages we used: Today Is Going To Be Awesome and Hello, Lovely!

While everyone colored, we watched a MOPS video on creativity. One part that really struck a chord with me is when the woman mentioned that it's vital for us, as moms, to discover what makes us happy, and go for it, especially in the presence of our children. They see and absorb so much of our lives, that it's good for them to see us taking time for ourselves.

I also loved what Lindsey said about finding your own creative spark. Not everyone loves coloring, or drawing, or anything artistic. You may love organizing, or working on spreadsheets. Whatever it is that floats your boat and lets you recharge, then do that. We work hard as moms, and sometimes by the end of the day you're left feeling completely drained. Shoot, you may be drained before the clock strikes 9 am, and before you've even managed to have a chance to pour a cup of coffee. Take a few minutes to figure out what you love to do, and then work to make that happen. Ladies, fill your cup with creativity!

While we're on the topic of getting creative, we also had our first craft of the year: we made our name tags! I personally love the way they turned out, and the chatter around the room sounded like everyone else liked them, too. Don't worry—if you missed the meeting, we made extras, so there's one waiting for you to put your name on it!

A couple housekeeping things:

1. We're working on our first fundraiser and we're selling shirts! If you'd like one to wear around town (or in your home, or while you drop the kids off at preschool), bring $20 (cash only, pretty please) with you next week so we can get a shirt ordered for you!

2. Check out this schedule for which table is in charge of bringing what type of food, just in case you forget.

I think that's all for now! We can't wait to see you at our next meeting! 
So ladies, tell us all about how you find your creativity—what do you to do make you happy?

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