Monday, February 6, 2017

Cutest Best Dish Winner, Ever!

Kelli's Cheese Ball

Before heading back home to Michigan, this little Yankee Doodle and her cute newborn, Wyatt, won best dish!  This recipe was simply delicious!  No really.  Simple recipe with a deliciously-fresh taste.  You'll want to keep this one around for any get together or party, holiday or just when you want something yummy to snack on.  


2 blocks of white cheddar cheese-shredded (Cracker Barrel brand recommended)

One bunch of diced scallions

4-6 T of mayonnaise

Raspberry preserves or fresh raspberries (Amount is to your liking)

How to prepare:
Mix together cheddar cheese, scallions, and mayonnaise (to texture).
Shape mixture into a ball or spread evenly in an 8 inch pie pan.
Refrigerate until just before serving.
Before serving top with one jar of raspberry preserves and fresh raspberries.
Serve with crackers (recommended: water crackers)

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