Sunday, November 13, 2016

Our theme this year, Starry Eyed, has challenged us to live fully in both sunlight and moonlight.  As the promo states, we are "participants bringing warmth and light" and we want to be "a powerful force of kindness to the world."  I don't know about you, but I have seen that word, kindness, a lot lately.  Maybe it's the time of year, or the fact that it has been a monumental election year.  Or maybe it's because kindness is needed, maybe now more than ever.  Interesting how this theme was planned a year or so ago...

One thing is for sure, we have had no shortage of kindness among our group.  You ladies, my sisters, have been beams of light to our community.  Personally, I have been inspired and even brought to tears by your generosity.  THIS is why MOPS exists.  Yes, we all need coffee and conversation, play dates, and we most certainly need a well-deserved break from our children.  But MOPS is really so much more.
We need support.
We need inspiration.
We need kindness.
Just like the rest of the world.

And the wonderful news is, we all have the capacity to give these things to each other.  In the past couple months, you have not only spread kindness to each other, but to our community in several ways:

You have donated school supplies to THREE teachers in TWO different school districts

You have donated items to TWO needy families    

You have donated items to Operation Christmas Child to reach children & families in third world countries

God tells us to "love your neighbor as yourself."  In fact, He says it is part of the greatest commandment, coming only second to loving Him.  So I applaud you Moms, for loving your neighbors, showing kindness and more importantly, He applauds you!

Kindness.  Keep throwing it out!

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