Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 6, 2013 Meeting

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We had a nice relaxing time at our first November meeting. We met in our usual spot and at our usual time on Wednesday, November 6. We had a great turn out with lots of delicious snacks. Kristen Kennedy, our service leader, shared a "my mess" story this week. We played fruit basket turn over by swapping up our tables. We swapped the tables based on birthdays. The purpose of this meeting was to get to know moms that you usually don't sit with. It was a neat change and we learned things that we didn't know about our fellow moms. We had no birthdays, birth announcements, or pregnancy announcements at this meeting. We also did a fun craft. Juanita planned out a craft with stone coasters. Some of us stenciled and painted while others used mod podge and scrapbook paper. Either way, we were able to make something beautiful and practical for our homes. As previously stated, this meeting was all about getting to know others and was very relaxing! I think we all enjoyed the down time at this meeting. Hope to see you all on the 20th. And don't forget to bring a box of Christmas cards for our service project!

Krista Scarborough (WR MOPS Coordinator)

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