Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 18th Meeting

It may only be September but fall was definitely in the air for our meeting this week. We had 36 ladies including 3 first timers ready to sample lots of yummy pumpkin flavored treats and who doesn't love a good bagel lathered in cream cheese. We learned that sometimes the biggest messes can come from the smallest suspects with Laura Terry's my mess story on fleas.

Next we heard from our guest speaker, Pastor Matt Walls. He provided us with valuable insights on fostering a positive identity in our kids. He warned us not to try and create miniature versions of ourselves. Instead we need to allow our children to grow into who God created them to be. We need to avoid merely creating good rule followers, but help them embrace our family values so that they can learn decision making skills. A great mental picture he offered was giving our kids as much freedom as possible by creating a garden of yes with a tree of no. He certainly left us with plenty to ponder.

It was announced that through some amazing donations and a match from MOPS that we were the #1 fundraising team for the Caring Solutions 5K. Then, we ended the meeting finishing up our tote bag crafts that were so much fun we couldn't contain it to just one meeting.

Don't forget to join us for our MNO at Southside's Student Center Sept. 27 at 7. We'll be floating away with movie night and fun snacks.
Our next meeting will be Oct. 2 at 9:30. Moppets is available at 9:15. Be sure to get there on time for a chance to win a prize with our on time drawing

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