Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Open Fundraising Letter for the Day of Hope

 The lovely Melissa Young came up with a great idea this morning! She sent out this letter to her friends and family and wanted to share it for those of us who have trouble asking for donations. You can feel free to copy or use it as a starting place. Thank you, Melissa, for your grace to share and your love for those mamas and babies.

Dear ________________,
I am walking to support our local crisis pregnancy center, Caring Solutions, next Saturday, November 3rd.  The event is called Day of Hope and is designed for the entire family.  Participants can walk or run, and there are activities for the children.   Our Warner Robins MOPS group has adopted Caring Solutions as a ministry to support financially.  The center's director, Laura Caum, spoke at our meeting and shared her heart for the center and the women they see.  The center has an ultrasound room, counseling rooms, and a baby boutique where expectant mothers can choose new items with points earned from attending parenting classes and doctor's appointments.  Most importantly, the gospel is shared one on one with each woman that visits the center.  The staff of Caring Solutions acts as a support system for women going through unexpected pregnancy.

Since becoming a mother, my heart has grown tremendously toward the rights of the unborn.  Not only does this center seek to save babies' lives, it invests in their families.  A strong family has a ripple effect on the culture, and our culture needs a godly influence!

I have raised ___ towards my personal goal of $100.   Our MOPS goal is $1000, and the group will match up to $500 in funds raised.  Would you consider donating $10 in support of Caring Solutions?  All donations are tax deductible and can be made securely at the web address below.  On the web page, you will see a short video of the work Caring Solutions does.  I encourage you to watch it if you are not already convinced! I would be happy to answer any questions have about this ministry.

My Fundraising Page (*insert hyperlink*)


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