Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten Ways to Know You Are Married to a MOP

10.  A good portion of your discretionary income supports Dunkin' Donuts, Hobby Lobby, & Chick-  

9. You've ever worn a pink polo solely out of love for (and maybe a bit of fear of) your wife

8. Your family vehicle has one of the following: a stick family decal, a MOPS logo, or your family's
    initials (Bonus points for all 3)

7. You know what "shrinky dink" is

6. You think about pulling up any other consignment signs because this is YOUR turf

5.  Being TDY or on a business trip during consignment sale weekend wouldn't be the worst thing to  
     happen to you

4.  Your wife strongly encourages you to read anything posted the MOPS blog

3. You're all about your wife bringing dinner to a family, because it means yours has to be good

2.  You hope your wife doesn't get a raging case of baby fever whenever she delivers the meal and
     holds a newborn

1. You wonder why "MNO" takes place at the witching hour (after dinner and before bedtime). 

Can you think of any other ways to spot a MOP man?  Hope to see you at our MNO at Olive Garden this Thursday at 6:30!  Leave 'em something good to eat at home, too!

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