Saturday, April 9, 2011

Still here!

Yikes!  Too much time has passed without updating our blog.   We had a wonderful time of encouragement and fellowship (read: chatting and lots of food) at our Tea and Testimony.  It encouraged me to take some time to think about my own testimony, both my salvation and all the ways God has intervened as I have moved from awkward teen to carefree young adult to blissful newlywed and finally parent.  Mom.  Motherhood has changed me like nothing else, and I would hazard a guess that most of us MOPS would agree.  Becoming a mother has taken me from the mountaintop to the valley and just on the climb.   Being a mom is a daily lesson in sacrifice and humility.  Most of all, love.  God's love for me through the help and encouragement of my husband.  His love for me in the unparalleled, unique beauty of my children's faces.  His strength and forgiveness any moment I stop to remember I cannot be what He has made me-- wife and mother-- without Him.  I can play at it, but it is just a charade.  Motherhood is remaking me, even sanctifying me, making me more like Jesus, every day I choose to obey.  I love Him.  Because he first loved me.
Let's share our stories, ladies!

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